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Study Skills- Being Critical

A guide to being critical in your university writing

Critical Evaluation Tools

Make judgements about the texts you read using the CRAAP test. This may help you to establish if the text is useful to build your overall argument or it may indicate if biases are present. 

Use the CRAAP test, pictured below as a guide to evaluate sources of information in the context of your assignment and your information need, as this may determine if some criteria may take priority over others.

Be aware that it may also be useful to engage with sources that do not pass the CRAAP test as long as you critically evaluate the information.  It is important that you locate and understand multiple perspectives on a topic, keep an open mind and acknowledge that new research can potentially dispute previously widely held views.

CRAAP Test PPT Slide 1

Take a look at the below different critical evaluation tools and try them out with something you're reading at the moment and see which you prefer or find useful. 

Ensure that you follow guidance from your academic tutor about assignment expectations and use your module guide and canvas pages to explore this in more detail. 

Please see the document and link to a video below to support you with critical evaluation at university.