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University Library Services

Library Essentials

A guide to help you with the basics of using your University Library.

Beige background with blue text saying Library Essentials computers and wifi

Open access PCs and Macs and borrowable laptops are available to current students studying on campus. 

Use your own device with the University's WiFi

Current students can use the eduroam WiFi network on their own devices with our Library spaces.

Borrow a laptop

Laptops are available to borrow from lapsafes in our Library spaces and the Gateway. These are for student use only. Lapsafes are completely self-service machines so there is no need to ask the building helpdesk staff to release the laptops. To borrow a laptop you will need your campus card and your PIN.

Where to find our lapsafes

Campus: Sir Tom Cowie Campus at St. Peter's

Building: Prospect Building

Location: Upper level of St. Peter's Library 

Total number of laptops: 66

Campus: Sir Tom Cowie Campus at St. Peter's

Building: David Goldman Technology Centre

Location: Level 3 in Library@DavidGoldman

Total number of laptops: 36

Campus: Sir Tom Cowie Campus at St. Peter's

Building: Wearside View

Location: Ground level entrance corridor

Total number of laptops: 24

Photo of lapsafe in corridor of Wearside View building

Campus: City Campus

Building: Murray Health

Location: Level 1 in Library@Murray

Total number of laptops: 84

Campus: City Campus

Building: Pasteur Building

Location: Ground floor in Library@Pasteur

Total number of laptops: 24

Campus: City Campus

Building: Gateway Building

Location: Level 2

Total number of laptops: 84

Use a fixed PC or Mac

Within our library spaces on our open floors, you can access fixed PCs and Macs. The University offers a standard Student Desktop across campus, meaning you can log on to all of the open access machines, and you will see the same software on each machine. In some areas, you may also find software that is tailored to your studies.