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Study Skills- Revision Skills

A study skills guide with hints and tips to support revision at university.

What is Revision?

Revision is a concept you are probably aware of. It involves going over concepts that you have covered in sessions and read about as part of your module. 

When revising it is important to ensure that you focus on the topics that you find less easy. It is tempting to focus on what you understand but you are more likely to remember from mistakes and errors.

Watch the video below to discover more about revision techniques. 


Revision Myths

There are many revision myths that scare students and result in panic and fear rather than working to their strengths and utilising active revision methods. 

Lets look at some of those myths in this section. 

Below is a video that summarises some effective study techniques and a Thinglink about revision myths you may have encountered. 

Explore the interactive ThingLink on revision myths below. 

Check out the documents below to learn about more hints and tips when revising. 


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