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Study Skills- Transitioning to University

A guide to some skills to develop when transitioning to university study.

Transitioning to University

Welcome to the University of Sunderland! We hope you are settling in. 

There are many different academic expectations to consider when entering university study. This Library Guide to 'Transitioning to University' is intended to help you understand some academic expectations. This is an insight into information you will find out in more detail as your studies progress.

Take a look at the interactive information below to start your journey. 

University is a different learning environment than you may be used to. For example, there is no one set source where you can find all the answers you need as there may have been at school or college.

It is important to develop your independent learning skills by getting to know the services that the university offers. The video below gives an introduction to study skills support available while you are at university.


If you have any study skills questions you can log in to the Library Chat and ask questions during the Study Skills Drop in that takes place each weekday on the library website. 

Study Skills Advisers are logged into the chat at the following times:

Monday 11:30-1

Tuesday 3:30-4:30

Wednesday 3:30-4:30

Thursday 3:30-4:30

Friday 11:30-1

We are also available for an in person drop in at the Murray Health Drop in space between 3:30-4:30 every Thursday.


Skills Development

To develop your study skills, why not book onto a Study Skills Masterclass?

They are run by Study Skills Advisers and focus on the fundamentals or to stretch a particular study skill. Keep an eye out for more masterclasses as they are open to all students and run on a rolling programme. 

We also offer Numeracy Support and have a dedicated Study Skills Adviser for Numeracy if you would like to discuss this in an appointment. You can book an appointment at the link below.