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Understanding Open Acces, Using SURE as well as a support for academic publishing

Uploading to SURE

SURE is an open access repository of research outputs produced by members of the research community based at The University of Sunderland.  It contains, but is in no way limited to, book chapters, monographs, artwork, journal articles, practice-based research, performances, reports, patents, and audio/ visual material.   

This brief guide will show you how to upload your research outputs to SURE.  The guide uses a journal article as an example, but the process is similar for all research outputs.

  • Include as much information about the output as you can - this will make it easier for readers to find.
  • To be eligible for REF2029, you must upload the Author Accepted Manuscript to SURE within 12 weeks of its acceptance.
  • Please upload a PDF of this document. 

If you have any questions about any aspect of the process, please get in touch:



When writing an article with one or more internal collaborators, only one of you needs to upload the record. Make sure that you discuss whose responsibility it will be to upload the item on SURE within the 12 weeks after acceptance for publication.


When writing with one or more external collaborators, you need to upload the item to SURE with the Author Accepted Manuscript or Version of Record if applicable.